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From $19.99 per month for America's Top 60 to $79.99 for DISH HD Platinum with over 25 HD channels including Showtime HD, Starz HD, and HBO HD, DISH Network has the channels that you want at a price that's right for you!

With hundreds of channels to choose from, our packages are put together to give you choice and value. Take a look and see what package best fits the needs for you and your family.
bullet America's Top Programming bullet High Definition TV Programming
bullet DISH HD Programming bullet Premium Movie Channels
bullet En Espaņol bullet Sports Programming
bullet Chinese Language Programming bullet International Programming
For a limited time only: most programming packages qualify for up to $20 back per month for 10 months. Click here to claim your rebate.

All prices below include rebates; please see redemption materials for more details.
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America's Top 60 $19.99/mo.
Over 60 All-Digital Channels (reg $29.99/mo.)
America's Top 120 $29.99/mo.
Over 120 All-Digital Channels (reg $39.99/mo.)
America's Top 180 $39.99/mo.
Over 180 All-Digital Channels (reg $49.99/mo.)
America's "Everything" Pak $74.99/mo.
America's Top 180 plus ALL 4 Movie Packages (reg $84.99/mo.)
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DISH HD Bronze $29.99/mo.
25 HD channels and over 65 standard channels: ESPN, CNN... (reg $49.99/mo.)
DISH HD Silver $39.99/mo.
25 HD channels and over 165 SD channels: regional sports... (reg $59.99/mo.)
DISH HD Gold $49.99/mo.
25 HD channels plus over 200 SD channels: Bravo, Encore... (reg $69.99/mo.)
DISH HD Platinum $79.99/mo.
DISH HD Gold plus four premium movie packages, NBA TV (reg $99.99/mo.)
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DISH Latino Basic $14.99/mo
Over 30 Channels in Spanish
(reg $24.99/mo.)
DISH Latino Dos $24.99/mo.
Over 30 Channels in Spanish and 89 English-language channels
(reg $34.99/mo.)
DISH Latino Max $34.99/mo.
DISH Latino plus over 130 English-language channels (reg $44.99/mo.)
DISH Latino Everything Pak $67.99/mo.
DISH Latino Max plus ALL 4 Movie Packages (reg $77.99/mo.)
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Great Wall Television $9.99/mo.
17 dedicated Chinese language channels, along with locals (reg $19.99/mo.)

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Additional Programming Options
DISH Network offers a variety of HD programming such as theater-quality movie channels, educational and nature programming, PPV HD movies, and HD broadcasts of special events, including concerts, boxing matches and professional sporting events. For more information on HD programming,
click here.
For other HDTV information click here.
international programming
International Programming
We're on top of the world when it comes to International programming. No other provider can offer so many choices. Bring the culture of your homeland, into your home with DISH Network. Choose convenient multiple channel packages or pick your channels a la carte.
You may qualify to receive the local networks (if available) in many markets. This consists of your favorites including NBC, CBS, FOX, and others.
Click here for more information.
DISH Network provides comprehensive sports coverage through 2 major programming packages. These packages are The Season Ticket Package and the Multi Sport Package.
Click here for more information.
Get hundreds of hours of Hollywood hit movies, award-winning original programming, concerts and sports specials...for just pennies a day! You won't run out of great Premium Movie programming with DISH Network.
Click here for more information.
Season Ticket
Never miss another game again. Whether your game is Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer or Hockey... we got it for you!
Click here for more information.

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More and more people are becoming acquainted with digital satellite service, and Dish Network's popularity among subscribers has soared. There are now more than 12 million customers enjoying digital satellite service, and this number is increasing daily. How does Dish Network provide such realistic imagery and sound?

Dish Network, owned by EchoStar Communications, receives satellite digital signals from their fleet of ten orbiting satellites. EchoStar's satellites (communications/television) orbit synchronously at 22,000 miles above the Earth, and remain over certain land areas. This allows them the ability to transmit signals via satellite to stationary home-attached antennas. Dish Network strives to provide continual enhancements through advanced research and technology. Programming providers (uplink sites) beam their signals to satellites where it is digitized and transmitted to antennas and on to receivers to provide you the best home entertainment available. Dish Network offers state of the art satellite equipment with professional installation absolutely FREE to new subscribers. The only charge is for Dish TV programming package choices. An added bonus is the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that allows one to record (up to 100 hours) favorites for viewing at later times. All programming is 100 percent digital and converted into either standard or high definition resolution format for viewing pleasure. High definition format is considered the best in viewing and provides crystal-clear imagery accompanied by Dolby Surround sound. The slim remote has all the features necessary to give you complete control over what, when, and how programming is viewed in the privacy of your home. Live programming can be paused and resumed without ever losing a second of the action, and one can create their own instant replays for enjoyment over and over again. Create libraries of commercial-free favorites - movies, music, and sports events. A Parental Control feature lets one block unsuitable programming using title, time, or rating. Home entertainment just cannot get any better.

Dishnetwork Satellite TV offers from 155 to more than 250 channels of popular programming choices in packages varying in number of channels. Each package contains an expanded variety of selections and includes movie channels (up to 500 commercial-free movies per month), news, popular sports channels, interactive channels (games, shopping, weather, sports betting), VOOM high definition channels, children's channels, adult channels, Sirius Satellite music and local channels, and diverse multi-cultural international channels in different languages. Specialty packages are available for avid sports fans and for those who desire more high definition (HD) programming. Dishnetwork offers the best line-up of HDTV receivers and programming. There is something for every member of the family at Dishnetwork Satellite TV. Click on Dish Network Offers now to view complete details on package lineups and pricing information. You will find that Dish Network offers the best quality at a lower price than Cable TV or Directv (Direct TV). Switch to the best. DishPronto, the top authorized online Dishnetwork dealer, will process your order professionally and offers excellent promotional offers as well.



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